The Importance of Brand Design

27 Jun 2013

Brand design can be summed up as the public face of a brand. It is the visual representation of a company, conveying their desired image and what they want to say about themselves in a visual form. The essential components are usually a logo and a name. This brand image will then be shown across all the company’s customer-facing materials – signage, packaging, business cards, promotional merchandise, brochures, posters and any other marketing activities. Signage can be one of the most important so ensure you use good sign makers to assist in the process.

It can often be very tricky to design a logo that conveys the values of a brand in a visual form, but if you can hit the nail on the head it will really help customers and potential customers to remember your business and seek it out again. It can take time to bed into consumers’ minds so don’t chop and change too often – although do be aware that your colour scheme or style could become outdated. You will find that the logo and other aspects of the brand design will evolve gradually over time, but it’s a good idea to ensure that the original values are still clearly conveyed.

The name can be easier than a logo, depending on the nature of your business, but it can still take a lot of time and effort to get it right. It is vital that you do get it right so using a branding agency to help is usually worth it – they can help you with logos too but are often far more expensive that the specialised companies. It’s often not just a case of a single name – you may have sub-brands such as products, domains or applications that also require designing

It’s also a good idea to consider exactly what your name and logo are actually appearing on. If you’re going to use promotional merchandise think carefully about what items you go for. The items themselves should also chime with your brand values, so go for what will work best within your industry. If you are an IT company, mouse mats are a great start, car dealerships might benefit from key rings and architects might go for the full range of stationary.

Don’t forget about the promotional impact that your logo will have though, signage and advertising is an important consideration. A great logo needs a high-quality sign to complete the positive image, as a well respected sign marker. As a signage company based in Southampton that supplies national companies, we ensure our extensive experience is added to everything we do.

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