ASAP UK – Locker Rooms Showcase

30 May 2013


ASAP UK have been named as the Graphic and Signage Consultant for the locker room at the London School of Economics.

The existing locker room of London School of Economics was unwelcoming, overcrowded, damp and unfriendly, with poor ventilation and lighting. The structure was corroded and the lockers were insecure and battered. Low ceilings carrying bulky services made usage difficult. A lighter structure addressed corrosion and improved sightlines, while allowing better usage of space. Alterations to the staircase create additional space. Services were re-routed to improve headroom. Graphics continue the branding with oversized letters and numbers offering distinctiveness and legibility. A light colour palette brightens the space and reduces the need for artificial lighting. A transparent box at the entrance provides controlled access, passive surveillance and clear views through to the new area. The lockers are low in height to give views over the top, providing additional safety and security.

For more information check out the Magazine showcase by clicking this!

Images courtesy of Dezeen:

dezeen_The-Locker-Room-by-Belsize-Architects_4 dezeen_The-Locker-Room-by-Belsize-Architects_8