Make Your Online and Offline Marketing Work Together

08 Jul 2013

To ensure your business experiences the maximum possible benefit from its marketing collateral, it is vital to integrate your online presence with offline promotions. This ensures your target market has the broadest possible coverage, generating the highest number of potential customers.

It’s not just simple things such as making sure your web address appears on all your hard-copy marketing and offline ads — it’s also about ensuring the relationship and connection between all your marketing material is clear and obvious.

The most important way to do this is to match all materials visually and tonally. Your website, brochures, emails, posters, and print ads all need to follow the same corporate identity, for example; colour scheme, logo, branding and tone of voice. This includes any key messages, phrases, slogans or straplines. Keep them to a minimum but ensure they appear on all sources in a coherent simultaneous fashion. Even the sign on your office or shop needs to coordinate perfectly.

A good signage company can help you design this effectively.

These days a website is often the first port of call for any potential customer accessing your brand or business. You cannot mention the web address too many times! There’s no need for the ‘http://www’ part nowadays so it needn’t take up too much room or look messy and cluttered. It should go on invoices, brochures, letterheads, uniforms, business cards and even signs outside your premises. Work closely with your sign makers to ensure this isn’t overlooked.

You have probably heard about keywords, but may not be sure exactly how they work. Essentially, all you need to do is ensure consistency of keywords across your online channels. This also ties into your offline material. There are specialist Search Engine Optimisation companies who can help you with this. One rule to follow is to identify the core keywords in your offline advertising that people might search for online and then make sure these are set as top meta tags for your site. This will mean that potential customers reading your offline material and then searching using your core phrases can be directed to your website.

Sometimes just getting to your website isn’t enough. If people have seen a specific offer or promotion in your offline advertising, they want to be able to get straight to it, not delve through the rest of your website to find it. Setting up a special URL for each offer ensures they can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Don’t forget to design the page so that once they’ve looked at that offer they are then drawn into the rest of your site to explore a bit more.

Successful marketing is all about consistency, so taking these steps will help getting your online and offline marketing to work together. These strategies will give you a stronger brand and generate more leads and sales from your marketing. If your marketing collateral is lucking on consistency, start making changes and get in touch with us today!

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