How to maximise the potential of your visual merchandising?

20 Aug 2013

Effectively displaying your stock and promotional materials is an important way of drawing customers into a store and encouraging them to buy once they are there. You only have a few seconds to entice them in, so it is crucial that every element, from the window display to the inside space, is used correctly.

Start as you mean to go on

Visual merchandising starts before a customer even steps into the store. Your window displays and store frontage are just as critical as what is inside. Customers can easily walk past a non-descript store, so your window needs to tell them exactly what to expect from your business. By working with a sign company, you can create eye catching posters that are well designed and easy to read. A simple poster or banner is a great way of grabbing attention as they walk past. The window area is also important for showcasing your products, with shelving and cube displays. When designing your window display make sure that it is not over crowded. Pick out the key elements and focus on these.

Make use of all available space

When you are designing the inside of your store, it is essential not to miss out any areas. Everywhere, including the ceiling, walls and floors, should be maximised to their full potential.

The ceiling is a useful place for directional and directory signs, as customers eyes are automatically drawn to them. It is important to guide consumers around your store, as if they cannot find what they are looking for they will simply leave. You can also use poster holders to promote new products and special offers to help encourage impulse buys. Choose a sign company that is experienced in store signage and can help you make best use of your space.

in store signage

There are a range of ways in which you can use your wall space to entice customers, by displaying both promotional materials and stock. As customers walk around the store, use the wall areas to encourage additional purchases. You need to ensure that the walls are kept neat and uncluttered and that any products are easy to access. A customer’s attention will first be drawn to items at eye level, so use this area on shelves to display your most popular goods.

When you are designing the best way of utilising your floor space, make sure that there is enough room for customers to walk around and shop comfortably. There is nothing worse than feeling claustrophobic or that you are going to knock items over. Choose the most appropriate fixtures for your type of business, whether that is gondola ends or dump bins, hanging displays or shelving units. The end of aisles is a great place to promote a new range, promotional products or seasonal lines.

Whatever type of store you have, it is important to work closely with a professional sign company to ensure you get the best from your visual displays. They can help with the full range of point of sale materials, which will allow you to maximise the potential of your merchandise.