Benefits of Using LED’s for Outdoor Signage

18 Sep 2014

LED lighting has brought many benefits to the outdoor signage market, making it simpler for businesses and organisations to draw attention to themselves and also to save money on the deployment of signs in a variety of locations. But what are the benefits of choosing LEDs for outdoor signage, and does the technology really deliver on its big promises?

Visible and Viable

From the perspective of practicality, LEDs are a good choice because they offer high levels of brightness compared with traditional alternatives such as fluorescent bulbs. This means that outdoor signs illuminated by LEDs can easily be seen in the daylight, which means that the impact of the signage need not be affected when the sun is out.

Lengthy Life Span

LED technology is more robust and resilient than the majority of the solutions it replaces, offering consecutive hours of unbroken operation that remain unmatched. As such, LED illuminated signs can happily remain illuminated for up to 100,000 hours without wavering, which has its own benefits in terms of maintenance costs.


Lighting used to be a big drain on budgets because of the energy consumed, mostly because so much is wasted as heat in older technologies. But LED bulbs can be bright and vibrant while still remaining relatively cool, which means they are far more efficient than anything that has come before.

Outdoor signage illuminated by LEDs can be justified because making the leap will deliver cost savings as energy consumption is reduced. And less waste means your business is also making a lower contribution to carbon emissions, which is invariably a good thing.

Colour Combinations

By blending and mixing the wide array of different LEDs available, it is possible to come up with billions of different colour combinations for your signage, giving you a great deal of flexibility and helping to ensure that a sign stands out from the crowd. Programming LED illumination lets you manage a multitude of hues and preset sequences for an even more dazzling result.

Unit Cost

Although LEDs used to be expensive when they were first introduced, this type of illumination has become much more affordable as adoption rates have increased and manufacturing volumes have risen to meet demand. This means that savings not only come from lower energy consumption, but also when you procure the units themselves.

Durability and Maintenance

Outdoor signage has to be built to withstand a variety of weather conditions, so the same must go for the illumination that makes it visible. And in this respect LEDs are a great choice because they are available in set-ups specifically designed to tackle the toughest circumstances that the climate can throw at them.

This adds to the idea that maintaining an outdoor sign which is illuminated by LEDs does not need to be a costly process or something that requires regular upkeep. Such signage will be thoroughly resilient and thus comparatively affordable when all of these factors are considered.