Does Your Store’s Sign Need Updating?

03 Oct 2014

Competition in the retail marketplace is perhaps fiercer today than it has ever been. With the evolution and huge surge in popularity of online shopping, traditional high street retailers are doing everything they can to fight back against the online opposition. As a retailer operating either on a crowded high street or a busy shopping centre, standing out from the crowd is essential. This means ensuring that your main shop-front sign is easily identifiable.

First impressions are vital. In the context of a high street retail shop, the first impression people have of your store is the frontage. One of the most essential elements to get right here is your main sign. Customers use your sign as brand recognition, so it is important for that sign to exactly reflect your store’s values and let consumers know what to expect when they walk through the door. A poorly maintained sign, coupled with a scruffy shop front, gives out all of the wrong signals and is likely to scare customers away.

When considering the effectiveness of your shop-front sign, there are three key points to take into consideration: rebranding, surrounding competition and changing shopping habits.


With the retail marketplace constantly evolving, many stores in recent years have gone through a rebranding process. This has been a necessary step for many high street shops as the expectations of the average customer have risen markedly; probably due to the advent of online shopping. If your retail company has gone through a period of rebranding, make sure your sign has been suitably updated. Failing to do so could cause some confusion amongst your customers and lead to many wondering whether your store is actually an official branch.

Surrounding Competition

Modern-day retail moves at a furious pace. If a number of stores around you have updated their fascias in order to strengthen their appeal, then it is vital that you do the same. A tired, outdated shop front set amongst a row of modern, fresh fascias will stand out for the wrong reasons. In addition to freshening up your image, updating your shop front not only shows your commitment to your customer base, but also demonstrates your confidence in your store’s longevity.

Changing Shopping Habits

The ease and convenience of shopping online has meant that many high street retailers have extended their opening hours. Changing your store’s opening hours to suit the lifestyle of the modern consumer may mean opening during the evenings. An update to your sign — maybe the addition of LED lights — could help with your store’s visibility at night, especially during the all-important run-up to the Christmas season.

Running a successful business is all about image. This is particularly true in the retail industry, where distinctive branding is the key to success. Make sure your shop-front sign is projecting the right image for your brand and don’t get left behind in the race for customers.