Residents Block Aldi Advertisements

05 Feb 2015

Billboard posters and large signs can be the ideal way of attracting interest from people who can take advantage of the products or services on offer. The key to this, however, lies in the quality and design of the style and in ensuring that the adverts will actually be allowed to go up.

Following the Rules

One of our previous articles (available here) explained how it is essential to comply with stringent regulations and guidelines on where and in what format signs can be placed. Even big businesses can still fall foul of some rules that are open to interpretation, however, as budget supermarket Aldi found out in Norfolk.

Aldi wanted to have a large set of printed banners put up in order to publicise the opening of a new store. There’s no doubt that this is a tried-and-tested and very effective method of getting information across to passers-by and to provide a long-standing and attractive reminder for people of an up-and-coming event.

Diss Town Council disagreed with the plans, however, and recommended that permission was not granted for the banner advertising, citing the fact that the signs would apparently be ‘inappropriate to the street scene’ of the area. In cases such as these, the matter is then be escalated to an authority with a wider reach, such as a regional authority.

There is no doubt that conflicts such as this are best avoided at all cost. They can cause expensive delays and require extensive efforts to try to reach the required solution. This can be especially difficult for smaller businesses – those not in the ‘giants’ category of the likes or Aldi, Tesco or Asda.

Don’t Miss Out

With the right planning and design, though, this extremely effective communications channel should not be ignored by businesses. It would be a missed opportunity to discount the potential of large-format printing, signs and billboards for fear of facing future problems.

In the vast majority of cases, and with the right amount of consideration in relation to everything from the message to location suitability, this type of signage can be erected without any issues and provide invaluable publicity for a new store opening, a change of location, a new product or a major event. These signs are also extremely effective at raising the overall brand profile of a company. In simple terms, if people find themselves in need of a particular product or service, they are most likely to turn to a name they see every day on their way to work or after dropping off their children at school.

ASAP can help businesses make the most of the benefits that large-format printing can offer, whether that’s through a billboard advert or a shopfront cover to be used during a refurbishment project. We have vast experience and expertise in using this type of advertisement to achieve the most beneficial results for businesses, with the least amount of time and effort required by owners and managers who want to spend as much of their time as possible focussing on their core company needs. You can view some of our previous work by clicking here or get in touch to see how we can help your business today.