Peacock Theatre

After 30 years of marking the location of the famous Peacock Theatre in Portugal Street, the theatre’s old sign had deteriorated and reached the end of its service.

ASAP were asked to redesign the sign using modern lighting and manufacturing techniques, but to do so whilst retaining the look and feel of the existing sign. The old sign was established as a well-known landmark and it was imperative that ASAP took this into consideration .

The sign projects over a metre from the building and stands 12 metres high. Working closely with Westminster Council Planning Department to agree the design, ASAP managed to keep the existing appearance whilst introducing LED illumination and more durable materials. This innovative coupling of new and old will allow the sign to stand proud for at least another 30 years.

Installation was no mean feat. ASAP had to obtain road closure and traffic diversion orders for the project to work logistically, and ASAP’s highly qualified installation teams arrived early one Sunday morning to implement it exactly that.

The 26 metre HI-AB and Lorry Mounted Cherry picker were parked in place for the installation, 18 individual bolts were required to line up on the projecting brackets; the lifting of the new sign was a very tense moment. The surveyors’ astounding competency meant that, as per usual, everyone could breathe a huge sight of relief – the installation was complete!

Another successful project delivered by ASAP from design, planning and manufacture right through to installation and the accompanying logistics. As with all ASAP projects, all necessary documentation and permits were handled by our experienced team.