The Future of Printing: ASAP UK and the HP Latex 360 Printer

11 Jul 2014

The HP Latex 360 printer in action at ASAP UK

Here at ASAP UK we are always keeping up with the newest printing technologies and advancements to offer the best quality products to our customers. We’ve used HP printing equipment from the very beginning (17 years ago), and due to the strong relationships we have built with them over the years, we were asked to beta test their new printer the HP Latex 360. Our role was to help iron out any bugs and ensure the machine was meeting the high demands of its future users, before the printer went into full production.

Following the successful beta test we have now installed our very own Latex 360 printer. We have been fortunate enough for HP to recognise our presence within the printing industry with a press release about our use of HP equipment in our business. A promotional video has also been released in conjunction with this that demonstrates the use of the new HP Latex 360 Printer and how it produces better quality prints for our customers.

The HP Press Release highlights our efforts to offer only the highest quality products to our customers, our environmental focus and our eagerness to keep up to date with the newest advancements in printers, ink technologies and everything in between.

ASAP UK’s Managing Director, Jason Terry, got involved with an interview that features in the Press Release. The interview focuses on the new Latex 360 printer and the benefits we’re experiencing from having it recently installed. Jason praises the printer’s quality by stating, “We print like-for-like quality, 30 percent faster on our HP Latex printer… At comparable speed, HP Latex Inks offer much higher image quality than our eco-solvent printers.”

The increase in printing quality allows us to offer better products to our customers and with quicker turnarounds. Working to tight deadlines is a problem of the past for our printing team who used to split printing orders between the three eco-solvent printers to meet tight turnarounds and next day deliveries. A massive time saver for the team is that up until now there has been a minimum of 24 hours outgassing for an eco-solvent print before lamination, whereas the prints are now ready to finish straight from our HP Latex printer. This results in more orders being completed within a much shorter time frame.
ASAP UK team working with HP Latex 360 Prints

When it comes to vehicle wraps, Terry explains how valuable the Latex printer is to ASAP UK; “We can gain three whole days on the first print when producing vehicle wraps using HP Latex printers compared to our eco-solvent equipment.”

The amount of time saved by the new HP equipment gives ASAP UK the chance to meet more customer orders as there is a larger production capacity. Overall, the new HP Latex 360 printer is highly valued by the team and allows us to give a better offering to our customers in quality, speed, and volume.