What makes a good point of sale display – tips from a sign maker

15 Jun 2014

Retail is a hugely competitive sector. However niche your product is, others out there are going to be offering the same thing. If you have retail premises, then you might think the trick is to just get customers in through your door. But while it’s true that you need to put some work into informing your potential customers where to find you, you can’t quite stop all of your marketing the minute they enter the shop. In fact, this is where your marketing needs to become really clever.

However small your premises, there are plenty of ways to engage your customers even more by using attractive point-of-sale displays. Essentially, this refers to any places where the customers and your products come into contact, so your whole shop can be used for marketing messages to help you make the sale. Get your point of sale right and you could end up with customers buying more than they initially planned. Get it wrong and they will be leaving your shop empty-handed.

The right type of displays will be informative and appealing, overwhelming customers with too much detail. You need to make use of all of your existing space to maximise your sales opportunities.

Display Wisely

A free-standing point of sale display can allow you to promote a particular product, especially if you are running a promotion at the time. Don’t hide your discounts on a back shelf – put them in an eye-catching space at the front of your store so the first thing your customers see is something on special offer.

Use your shelves wisely. A customer browsing for items may be drawn to a small barker card on the shelf which directs them to complementary products or points out multi-buy opportunities (such as a meal deal, for example). This is a great way of cross-selling your products and making more sales but giving your customers a good deal at the same time.
Hanging point of sale is great if you are running a seasonal promotion or in-store event. These tend to be used for general promotion, rather than for specific items, or to direct customers to other parts of the store. You might need to direct them upstairs for certain items, for example.

A Final Thought

Even when they reach the till, your chances to use a point of sale display aren’t over. Here is your opportunity to display last-minute items with clear signage – whatever you are selling, here is the place to put the supplementary items such as bags or batteries. Your till itself is another place for a piece of marketing – a small wobbler directing customers to your website or highlighting a new promotion or future event could be the last thing your customers see in your store, so it’s the first thing on their mind as they leave.

You probably put a lot of time and energy into marketing your business, so make sure you see it through by making full use of point of sale in your store.