Five of the Most Effective but Surprising Print Advertising Opportunities

21 Oct 2014

In considering the current use of advertising media, most people would immediately assume that the highest success rates come from TV and the Internet. However, this is a common misconception. Outdoor advertising is still one of the most effective and reliable forms of exposure for businesses and causes alike.

Recent statistics from The Outdoor Media Centre showed an increase of 12.5% in revenue from outdoor advertising, reaching £880m in 2012. Outdoor advertising has numerous psychological benefits that online and TV commercials simply cannot match. Principal among these is frequency. Adverts publically located in phone booths, on billboards and through other forms of signage can achieve far more effective frequency and exposure in comparison with TV commercials and online advertising. Simply put, they garner far more opportunities to see than many advertising methods.

Outdoor media gives the viewer time to digest and to “think about” what they have seen, instead of being moved into another mind-set almost instantly as the next TV advert or online banner appears. Having this edge can result in far better conversion rates from consumers; they have been given the time needed to evaluate a product or cause, without constant bombardment.

This ties in nicely with the fact that most pedestrians and drivers tend to take the same daily routes. As a result, they see the same adverts each and every day, improving the chances of them becoming engaged and investing into whatever may be advertised.

Here we briefly look at five proven outdoor advertising formats and the drivers behind their selection:

1. Petrol Pump Advertising

This is a great chance to catch people whilst they are a captive audience engaged in an activity that requires little or no thought. Demographics can really be utilised here, as businesses and causes from local areas can take advantage of their local audience through the geo-selection of appropriate petrol stations and even fuel types. For example, a campaign targeting commercial vehicle drivers would be located on diesel pumps.

2. Bus Advertising

With 5.2 billion bus passenger journeys across the UK each year it is little wonder that we see so many companies using bus advertising. There are 2.3 billion bus trips made on London buses alone, so if you are a London based advertiser, you can really tie down a local target audience using this form of advertising. If you decide to take advantage of bus wrapping, your advert will not only be seen by bus users but by many of the general public along the route. 30 million people will have seen advertising on the outside of a bus in the last week.

3. Full Building Wraps

These can come in all shapes and sizes and are one of the largest physical advertising spaces you can possibly occupy. Frequently seen over buildings under construction and “coming soon” shops, these adverts are seen by passers-by and seem to engender a mysterious and enticing feeling. If your shop or business is soon to be opened near the advert location, it helps to start raising brand awareness before you even open to the public.

4. Phone Booths

Phone booths are yet another means by which to target a local demographic. No company is too big or small to take advantage of these, whether you’re a global organisation or a local retailer.

5. Billboards

Nothing quite gets pedestrians’ and drivers’ attention like billboards. Big, bold and to the point, they offer an advertising solution which allows you to make a real statement.

In conclusion, outdoor advertising is still one of the most effective ways in which to gain exposure for your business or cause.