Just How Far Can Branded Collateral Take You?

27 Mar 2015

If you are in business, you will certainly want to take any opportunity possible to promote your company and raise its profile.

Why Is Company Stationery Important?

Branded business stationery is not just a luxury these days, but a necessity. The general public will certainly expect to see it as the norm, and so if you want your business to be seen as a reputable outfit that people will take seriously, you will need to invest in company stationery, signage – maybe even workwear – which projects the same image.

This article takes a look at branded items – specifically stationery – and how beneficial it can be to implement when operating in a client-facing space. Using stationery with your company logo is a perfect chance to advertise the business and the products or services you offer. Making your logo as visible as possible will act as a constant advertisement, and each time a customer sees it they will think of your particular business. Of course, there is a possibility that their friends or family may see the branded paper or borrow the branded pen, and all this can result in another potential customer.

What Types of Stationery Can Be Branded?

One of the most important things to have is a professional-looking business card. If you make sure that you always have some on you, you can pass them out any time you encounter a potential client. If your company is one that sends out orders to customers in packages, it is always a good idea to pop one of your cards inside. Your client may even pass the card on to a friend or colleague if they are impressed with your service.

Writing paper with your company’s official letterhead on can be used to print out invoices and order confirmations, and you can always pop a compliments slip with your business’s details on it into each order you dispatch.

Pens and pencils with the company logo can also be invaluable marketing tools. Everybody needs to use them, and they can be given out as freebies to your customers, who will be reminded of your business each time they use them.

How Should Branded Stationery Look?

It is very important to use a printing company that offers the best possible quality that you can afford. Use of very cheap ink or paper can sometimes give a poor first impression to customers, which of course is the last thing you want. Any reputable printing company should be prepared to supply you with a sample of their work before you invest in a bulk order.

All your stationery should feature the company logo in a prominent position and identify the nature of the business. Make sure it also features contact details so that customers can get in touch with you easily.

It’s plain to see that branded business stationery is a vital marketing tool for any company that wishes to be taken seriously and keep up with its competitors.